The Fly at the Window

Photo: Pixabay

I love to leave the windows and doors open in summer. Fresh air floats the apartment, brings a little bit of nature into the rooms.

Unfortunately this also applies to all kinds of small animals that fly through my rooms during the day. The other day, when I watched a fly in my kitchen bounce off the slanted window again and again when trying to get out, even though the terrace door next to it was wide open, I felt caught out.

Don’t we sometimes do the same?
Completely convinced of something we get ourselves a bloody nose. This has got to work. He must understand me. It worked out this way the last time. And instead of pausing, thinking, learning, questioning, we make another attempt. Maybe it’ll work if we just hit harder. Or more often? Or more convinced?

Some flies don’t make it.
The morning after, they lie on my windowsill, died of exhaustion.
Not all flies suffer the same fate.
There are also successful ones.
They are usually the ones that manage to get away from the window and fly around the room. Often they fly right after that through the open door back outside.

Maybe it is coincidence.
But I like the thought that they succeed because they have managed to widen their view, to see the situation from a different perspective and to free themselves from their convictions.

Where do you still regularly get a bloody nose because of stuck beliefs?
Do you keep running into the same wall with a narrow gaze and overlook the fact that the open door is close by?

Let’s be fly 😉 and smarter than the flies on our window.
Here’s to a week of new perspectives!


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