About this blog

Balance – Emotion – Happiness – Inspiration

My dream is simple but powerful:
I wish for more peace, serenity, wellbeing and appreciation in this world.

Hence I decided to do my part in order to make this wish come true – by writing this blog and offering workshops, trainings and coaching. (www.birgitbaldauf.de).

I am convinced that peace in the world I live in strongly relates to my inner peace.

If I take care of myself and feel good, it becomes easier to open up, connect and respond to others. Relaxation boosts empathy.

This blog and my offer will help you growing your serenity – through physical, mental and emotional balance.

Let it be your inspiring, enriching and calming companion. It offers articles on emotions (“Emotion”) , practical tips to unwind and increase your well-being (“Balance”) and stories and imaginary journeys to nurture your soul (“Inspiration”).

You will discover that my posts cover many different approaches. However, all of them do have one thing in common: they are to serve your health, happiness and well-being.
Offering a great variety of ideas and methods is very close to my heart because it reflects the diversity of our human species. There is no “one fits all solution”. The only right method is the one that fits your needs and makes you feel better.
And the bigger the toolbox you have, the more likely it includes what is appropriate for you!

Whatever is the right fit for you – have fun using it and take care!

Take your time – you deserve it!