Who is Birgit?

I consider myself an unwinder, emotion expert, inspiration initiator and happiness ambassador.

My goal is to engange, enrich and ease – and thus to contribute to more wellbeing, joy and empathetic encounters in this world.

Me too, I have qualifications, work experience, interests and passions. But what makes a personality?

I often laugh out loud, always hang on and sometimes get emotional.

I love to ask questions, love even more to listen to the answers and have a passion for the topics of relaxation, emotions, self-actualisation and psychology (and usually try to apply all insights to myself first :-))

I feel good when tuning in to people’s energies – and sometimes I just need time on my own.

I am fascinated by the power of language, love talking and am addicted to writing.

Spending time in nature – not matter if in the mountains or a forest – enriches and eases me at the same time.

For more factual information on my person feel free to checkout my LinkedIn profile.