Spread the Laugh!

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” 
― Charles Dickens

Laughter is the best medicine. It improves the effectiveness of the lung, showers our brain with oxygen, relaxes the muscles and is a massage for your internal organs. It boosts your immune defence, stress hormons are reduced and hormons that lead to happiness are released. So, frequently laughing heavily contributes to your health.

Research on the positive side effects of laughter has found that laughing …

  1. intensifies your breath
  2. produces endorphines
  3. strengthens your immune defence
  4. decreases symptoms of stress
  5. triggers self-healing effects which also lead to pain reduction

Medcine also uses the healthy benefits of laughter. The initiative “ClownDoctors” is a community of freelance artitists, who visit children in hospitals and homes for the elderly. The ClownDoctors are trained to bring laughter, happiness and variety into the lifes of the often critically ill children and the sometimes solitary elderly. (http://www.clowndoctors.co.uk/)

Have you lately had a hearty lough? Can you still remember yourself laughing to tears and laughing so much that you had forgotten, what you where lauging about because you started to laugh about your own laughter?

I love to laugh (out loud ;-)) and often carried others away with me – because laughter and it’s small sister smiling are heavily contagious. Have a look:
So if you give in to your laughter, you do not only do good to yourself but also to others.

As humor differs from person to person, I will not recommend specific actions today. You may know best what makes you smile or laugh. So immerse yourself into the laughter today and have fun!

Happy Sunday!


PS: Laughing about yourself is also very alleviative!

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