Rhythm is gonna get you

Photo: Pixabay

Just the other day, after a long time, rhythm got me again. I was attending a party, the DJ seemed to play all my favorite songs, the mood was totally relaxed and the music just moved me, physically and emotionally. And this moment reminded me again of the power of music.

Did you know that ….

  • Science is fascinated by music. Neuroscientists are studying the effect on the brain while psychologists are evaluating the influence on emotions.
  • Listening to music while running is forbidden in some marathon competitions because the stimulating and motivating effect can cause us to ignore body signals? (and pushes us so much over our limits that some even consider music to be similar to doping)
  • Studies found that music reduces stress and is even able to reduce anxiety by up to 65%?
  • Music therapy can relieve pain before, during and after surgeries?
  • Music helps you to fall asleep as well as to focus and concentrate?

The power of music is also heavily used in movie industry. Just think about it – how often have you watched a movie that was able to rise your tension massively without explicitly showing anything? It was only the background music that immediately created those feelings in you.

Often we select the music according to our current mood. But why not using this mechanism and select our music according to the mood we want to be in?

Thanks to multiple music apps this is easier than ever these days! Playlists that help us to focus, calm down, relax or feel motivated, courageous and self-confident are quickly set up.

For example, I have a playlist with the name “open your mind”. It contains several songs that make me think big and courageous and uplift me (like “He’s a Pirate” by Klaus Badelt) while in the “Brain Food” list it is more Electro sounds that put me into a highly focused working trance. And when I need more courage to do my thing and go for it, I love to listen to Queen.

Do you also have power music that serves you?

If not, why not using the weekend to set up some power playlists and to test, if they are working.

The rhythm is gonna get you! Rock on.


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