Go rock it!

Photo: Pixabay

Small litte hideaways, small escapes of joy and liveliness. That is what we particularly need in these times – where the “great pleasures” are still withheld from us.
These little escapes work best when they arise spontaneously, out of the moment and with all senses in the moment. Crazy little actions that fill you with delight, because they tear your body and mind out of the usual daily grind and make you feel more alive again.

If, for example, you suddenly feel like …

… taking off your shoes and socks for a few steps while walking and go barefoot.

… taking your hands off the handlebars while riding your bike and let the wind and the sun take full effect on your chest.

… cutting a small branch of the herbs on the roadside, to grind it between your hands and to enjoy the smell.

… picking up the stone on the sidewalk and drawing something on the asphalt with it like in childhood days (a heart maybe?)

… or like I did yesterday – to simply swing a round during the lunch break when passing the playground!

And then just doing it, before your “reasonable inner adult” can take a breath and say something 🙂
I enjoyed the swinging! What an experience! The sight of the blue spring sky and the flowering trees flying by on the way up, the flying feeling in my stomach on the way down and the sand in my shoes afterwards.
Indescribable. The grin on my face was very lasting and benefited not only me but my training participants that afternoon.

What crazy little action comes to your mind?
Just go outside the next few days with open senses and an open heart and follow one of the impulses you might get!

The joy you gain from this will make it easier for you to rock many other situations!

To the small rocking getaways!

Your Birgit