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Today, an interesting expression caught my attention: “Activity -Trance (source: audio book “Sei kein Systemling” by Patrick Lynen).

It completely resonated with me. I also have the impression that there is one thing that almost disappeared from our lifes: silence.
It’s also very popular to have a lot to do and to be under stress.
It’s somehow more honourable to save the world than to end work early.
Hustle and bustle is popular.

It almost seems as if every moment has to be filled – with experiences, activities, movement.
With input from outside or with your own hustle and bustle. Don’t waist a minute!
The TV is running in the waiting room at the doctor’s – and sells additional services.
Smaller time gaps – e.g. while waiting for the bus or in the queue at the baker’s – are filled to recheck the mobile phone.
Reading a book while riding the train, listening to a Podcast, answering e-mails or quickly ticking off this important phone call while being squeezed into the overcrowded underground…
At home, the radio or television are playing in the background and during the work day, colleagues and bosses help to fill every moment.
Because we let them.

Lunchtime hunger is quickly satisfied on our way to the next meeting with a bite of the breadroll we bought at the baker’s.
We tick them off one after the other, duties, tasks, activities. Like in a trance. As if we are remotely controlled.

And when we a potentially unfilled moment approaches, it almost feels strange.
Do we perhaps stun ourselves with this activity trance, because silence has become unfamiliar to us?
Worst case: our system is so overly stressed that it is no longer able to unwind on its own. Then, often alcohol comes into play after work.
Directly moving from mental anesthesia to physical anesthesia.
Don’t get me wrong – a tasty wine in a cosy atmosphere – how nice! Only if you observe yourself reaching for it regularly to create that comfortable atmosphere, you should think about it.

Like being conditioned, our mind constantly asks – what now?

Simply nothing.

“..and then you also have to have time to just sit there and look .” (Astrid Lindgren)

When was the last time you just sat anywhere?
Do you remember how boredom feels?

Allow silence to arrive and stay curious about what might show up in your mind.
No music playing in the background, no smartphone, tablet, e-reader or book in your hand.
Just be.

Take a break. Feel. Listen in. Seize.
Moments free of external input.

To get back in touch with yourself and your needs.
If you want to hear your inner voice, provide it with moments it can speak up.
Whatever comes up may not always be pleasant, but it should always be heard. (Otherwise your inner voice will place its complaint in other places like your back muscles, your stomach, your head or in other parts of your body that cause you problems if you ignore your needs ;-)).

Take a break.
Just sit.
Listen in.

Be good to yourself!

Yours, Birgit

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