You Can. End of the Story.

So how was your week?
Should you have done more sports?
Should you have called your family?
Shouldn’t you be much further in this online course?
Would you much rather see everything on the to-do list checked off?

Look back – what you did last week and what you have completed successfully, whatever you spent your time with, is a mirror for what was important to you (consciously or unconsciously).
It is simple:
If you didn’t do the “should – would – could”, it was not important to you.
Or something else was more important to you.
And if you look back and recognize that you did a lot of things that were not important to you – then it is high time to take a closer look at how this could have happened.
Reality Check.
Face it – even if might be uncomfortable.
Insight and acceptance create clarity and clear the way.
Save yourself the “should-would-could” whining – and the energy.
Invest it wiser.
There will always be more tasks and opportunities than time.
It makes a difference, however, whether things “fall down the drain” (maybe exactly the ones that are important to you?) – or whether you consciously take them off the agenda, e.g. say no, or simply allow yourself a realistic time management – to ensure that there is time and space for “should-would-could”.

You have the choice – do you want to go through the next week as a designer or a driven one?
What is your should-would-could?
What is important to you next week?
Don’t write it on the To Do list, but do it – if possible right away.

What you spend your time with and what you do shows the world and yourself what is really important to you.

Get at the helm!

Your Birgit

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