Let mind wander

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Today I read an article about how important it is to let your thoughts wander from time to time. In today’s world of optimisation and efficiency increase, lost thoughts are rather seen as counterproductive. But far from it.
The corset in which we like to put our mind regarding the many things to be done and with which we want to make it work and work out in a controlled way, might have just the opposite effect.
Yes, focus is good and important. When we devote ourselves to a task, we should be there with full attention. But when focused concentration turns into strained short-sightedness, productivity is quickly dying. Maybe you know this – it feels as if your mind winds into a task. Your gaze becomes narrower and narrower, your mood more and more strained, your neck stiffer and stiffer. You forget to drink, eat and you sit on it for hours. But instead of an exhilarating flow you feel slower and slower.
Sometimes your mind wanders away exactly in such a situation.
But instead of calling it back strictly, let it go. Maybe it is especially important to get you out of your tension in that moment.
Sometimes your thoughts drift away if you give them space to do so. Just take a deep breath and lean back.

“I have never made any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”
Albert Einstein

From whatever situation your mind decides to go its own way – release it and follow it with ease and curiously on its (sometimes chaotic) path.
Allow yourself and your mind the mental relaxation exercise and enjoy the mental break like a walk – just for the sake of the walk.

Maybe you will come up with new ideas. The best ideas and solutions are usually found in the most unusual moments (especially when you are not looking for them).
However, it will certainly be easier for you to concentrate and to devote yourself to your tasks again with pleasure afterwards.

Happy drifting and good luck for the coming week!


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