The Power of Silence

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This week, I don’t want to spend too many words.
Sometimes silence is the better choice.
Silence creates room to unfold.
We experience it far too rarely. Our world is loud, busy and characterized by continuous media input.

Those who speak cannot listen.

Yet silence is so important.
If we really want to learn something – about others and about ourselves – we have to learn to create moments of silence – and to learn to stand them.
Only stillness leads to proper listening.
Listening to your conversation partner and listening to yourself.
And I don’t only mean silence by shutting your mouth but also inner silence.
How often do our thoughts already create and answer to or interpretation of what the other one is saying – even before he or she has finished speaking?
How often do we listen in order to answer – and less in order to really understand?

Not everyone has the same pace. Some people only thaw out, only dare to reveal more when they are given time and space.
So, just wait and don’t say anything.

It is similar with our body and our mind.
Who doesn’t know the phenomenon that physical pain only becomes apparent when we come to rest? Have a holiday?
They were there before – only we didn’t hear them or didn’t want to hear them.
And there is a lot going on in our head, too.
We think an average of 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day.
Most of them are subconscious, but there is this constant mental chatter – which often motivates us to act – just as unconsciously and automatically. And this chatterbox inside is constantly being fired up by stimuli from the outside – and changes the subject faster than you recognize.
The true inner voice rarely or never gets a chance to talk.
In Buddhism there is a beautiful metaphor:
Our soul is like a deep water. If it is constantly in motion and the waves whirl up the sand, we won’t be able to see the ground clearly.
So, just look for a quiet place, no input, bear silence and be curious what happens (and be curious how long you can stand it ;-))

I wish you a powerful and quiet week!

Your Birgit

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