Slow Motion Mode

“This year went faster than the last.”
“Perhaps it’s a matter of age that everything seems to pass by quicker and quicker?”

These are sentences I frequently hear when I am having a chat with my friends about time and how fast it passes.

Just recently I read an interesting interview with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa, one of the most famous German time scientists. In this interview he says: “We are … richer in experiences, but still poorer in experience. Because experiences are no longer transformed into experience. “

With so many choices available, we often rush from one event to the next – without taking our time, processing our impressions and consciously saving it. It seems as if we are always scratching the surface, but not going deeper. Everything seems faster and less intense. Prof. Rosa continues: “If you want to feel rich in time, you should now and then waste a day, planning nothing, doing nothing productive.”

I recommend combining this with the “slow motion technique

For one day, imagine your perception is like a camera in a Hollywood movie. During the day, zoom in people, encounters, scenes and situations every now and again. Develop an awareness of all the details. At the same time, sometimes try to fade out one level of perception (e.g., sounds / noises). Maybe one or the other scene will even seem like slow motion, because you suddenly perceive much more consciously and intensively.

By this you can train your sensory perception and enrich your impressions. Maybe one or the other detail will amaze you. In any case, your experience will grow deeper and more concious.

In addition, this exercise will help you keeping your focus once  you need it (for example, when you’re working or reading something on a train ride and the person next to you is talking on the phone – happens to me regularly :-))

On vacation, this comes more naturally to us – for example when we are somewhere for the first time, everything seems to be much more intense or if we are reading a good book while lying on the beach and forgetting the world around us.

Try to find this magic also in everyday situations:

Perceive surrounding sounds or voices like background music and focus on something close to you.

  • Chew for a little longer while eating. Focus on the taste.
  • Watch your hands or fingers for a minute
  • While waiting in a queue, curiously watch the behavior of the person in front of you.
  • Do everyday behaviors with greater attentiveness – like opening a door.

Set the scene and enrich your senses!

Happy filming,


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