Puzzle your life

Photo: Pixabay

I am late!

Normally I have already written my blog articles during the week so that they can appear on time on Sunday mornings. This week was somehow different. And actually, it’s not just this week. It’s a process that has already been happening – and now I think it’s reached its peak.

A lot is happening in my life right now – for which I am incredibly grateful, because I am facing wonderful developments and changes. At the same time, however, it recognised, that changes also somehow undermine familiar routines. My life and the habits I had set up for myself no longer work that way. Everything has its time – new aspects have been added, others are slowly saying goodbye.

Especially in phases of such a big or small upheaval, it feels as if life has simply taken a few pieces out of your beautiful puzzle, which you have just put together so carefully, and added new ones in. And now it’s up to you to arrange them in a new picture. Sometimes it is enough to change only parts of the whole picture, but sometimes you have deconstruct and rearrange everything (provided, of course, that you want to integrate the new aspects). It can feel quite strange when parts of your life design are “lying around loose” for the time being.

I have noticed that the following approaches help me to get through such phases in a more relaxed way:

  1. Endurance and patience. Such phases are normal, life is a flow and not a construct that can be planned to the end. And changes need time. Try not to force or hurry anything – and also not to cling to old routines and behaviours out of insecurity, which may have had their day. That’s like forcibly squeezing pieces that no longer fit into your puzzle – they will disrupt the overall picture and may even break in the process.
  2. Joy! What a chance to rearrange things! In such a phase there is also a lot of creative freedom and power that you can use to your advantage!
  3. Big Picture. Lift your perspective- away from the small close detailed one to the big picture. What do you want your picture to look like in the end?
  4. Realign. What is important to you? Which routines & behaviours are conducive to your new vision? Which ones have had their day? What feels awkward? How could it be easier to manage?

    Such course corrections can be smaller or larger. But whenever things feel bumpy for a longer time and don’t feel so easy anymore, take a closer look.

Avoid, out of principle (or a need for security), continuing to do something that no longer serves you or does you any good. (For example, if you have been exercising regularly to relieve stress, but now it stresses you out to have to schedule exercise as well, then it’s time to look at how you can pursue your “stress reduction” intention differently).

Are there areas in your life that need to be “reassembled”?
Which pieces of the puzzle have become obsolete?
What should your new picture look like in the end?

Have fun with the puzzle and thank you for your patience and loyalty in my current phase of change.

Have a pleasant week!


PS: If I can also help you in phases of change or reorientation, please feel free to contact me!