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Today I would like to invite you to do something that is super important for your personal development: nothing!
Yes, you read correctly! Growth does not take place during periods of stress – but during the following periods of rest.
This is not only the case in sports, where muscle growth is only enabled by training breaks. The principle can also be found in other areas:

It is easier to find solutions if we make ourselves aware of the challenge – and then let go (it’s for a reason that brilliant ideas rarely show up if we ponder hard enough, but rather in moments when we no longer think about the problem).

We process emotions in our sleep, e.g. by dreaming (by the way – everyone is dreaming – about it – even if not everyone can remember).

We learning experiences only stick when we allow the mind to rest in order to sort them correctly in our synaptic library.

Now, before you take it literally and switch off, there is one more thing that is important: Your emotional mindset. Your “lazy day” will only have a positive effect if you really allow yourself to have it and give yourself an okay – without a guilty conscience!

So – go ahead and treat yourself!
(And in case you need it: I hereby officially give you permission to do so ;-))

Enjoy the nothing,


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