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While doing my running routine along the Neckar yesterday morning, the humid autumn air in my nose and the morning sun on my back, I thought: isn’t sport amazing! It almost felt as if I could run away from this weird situation – which is now going into another round with the Soft Lock Down. And it is indeed a bit like that.
That’s why I want to promote sports this week.
It doesn’t have to be running – no matter what kind of sport will make you sweat – it will do you good on several levels and provide exactly what you need to be physically and mentally strengthened to cope with whatever comes your way.

In order for us to feel good in the sense of salutogenesis (a concept that explores how health can be established and maintained), we need a sense of meaning, comprehensibility and manageability of what is happening and what we are dealing with.

We feel good, when we

  • are able to act in a self-determined way
  • have a sense of control
  • experience self-efficacy
  • contribute to something meaningful
  • do something that we are mastering, that challenges us and encourages us – at best even lets us get into the flow
  • have a sense of achievement

A regular sport unit can be an island in your everyday life, which includes all this!

  • You decide when, where, what and how often you exercise.
  • You can control the process, train at your own pace and rhythm.
  • Planning the sport unit, completing it successfully and even noticing positive changes in your shape and fitness after a while strengthens your self-esteem and self-confidence – and gives your ego a boost – you’re really on top of it!
  • Furthermore you make a valuable contribution to your health – not only the physical, but also the mental health.

“Everything that is good for the body helps the soul.”
Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer

Plus: If you choose an activity that you really enjoy or combine it with something you love to motivate you (e.g. a beautiful place in nature or your favourite music to your ears), the whole thing is even more effective.

So, get at the helm of your well-being and enjoy your sportive island – best outside to get some fresh air!

Be good to yourself and take care!


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