Looking back with a WOW

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“When I look back now, I wonder how I managed to master this situation,” said a dear friend of mine the other day as we talked about changes in life.

Does this sound familiar to you?
Sometimes life delivers a task or situation that seems to be too big for us to cope with. Thoughts like “How shall I ever master this situation?” or “And now?” arise.
And then, some time later, we look back and think – “My goodness, if someone had told me I could do this, I would have said he is crazy!”

It’s amazing what we are able to do, how we know how to mobilize our inner strength when we have to, when we seem to have no choice.
Suddenly we have a razor-sharp focus, a purpose. We hold on, secondary issues are consequently sent to the second row. Our determination grows, all energy is collected and directed to master the task at hand – no matter what its nature (and I’m talking about life-changing circumstances, situations that put a stop to your everyday routine).

Why I am writing this?
Because I think that in situations that seem too big or hopeless, we should remind ourselves from time to time what we already have mastered in the past.
And we should allow ourselves the thought that we have not reached our limit yet. There is this reserve that our sophisticated system of body and mind keeps for emergencies – and only releases it in such cases.

So when you are at a point in your life that seems to overwhelm you…

  • Accept the situation. It is as it is – do not lose valuable energy in anger about it!
  • Admit that you feel overwhelmed. This is fine. Say it: “I feel overwhelmed right now.” As soon as you acknowledge your feelings (only perceive them, do not judge or even draw conclusions) pressure goes down.
  • Look back and remember what you have already mastered in the past and draw confidence from it.
  • Then look ahead: assuming you have done everything with flying colours – what does your desired result look like? What do you see, feel, do ? Have a vision in mind that is clear enough to set the focus – but not so detailed that you lose flexibility for other or better ways to reach your goal. It’s a bit like looking for an apartment – if you know what you want, your eye will be sharpened for the right ads – and you can safely ignore all others.
  • Give yourself time and allow your mind to take breaks so that it can process. It will sort out the impressions and feed your intuition with them. The subconsciousness continues its work – even when you sleep.
  • Be diligent and hold on – but also trust that ways or solutions will perhaps show up unexpectedly. Practice calm and confident attention.

And finally a saying that has already helped me in difficult situations:
“The universe only sends you tasks it thinks you can handle.”
So be proud – the universe thinks you can do a lot – so think alike! 😉

This is not your limit!
You can do it.


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