Inner Change – who for?

Photo: Pixabay

“Oh gosh, again I haven’t managed to read a professional book this week.” – “Why do you want to?” – “Well, I’ve heard that one should invest at least 30 minutes a day in your development.”

Who is “one”?

If your intention to change or establish a habit is not working and you hear yourself saying sentences in which “one” is the justification for your desire for inner change, then it is very likely that “one” is the roadblock. Your elephant, i.e. your subconscious, will only actively support you in pursuing your goal if he/it feels directly addressed. Check for whom you want to implement the planned change.
Is it really your very own wish?
Is it YOUR goal?
Whose standards are you trying to fulfil?
Do you have a strong why that comes from within yourself? Or do you think you should do xy because it is expected of you or “one” should do it – but don’t really want to?

So, listen to yourself today:
Why do you want to implement the change you are striving for?
What did initiate your wish to make this change?
Is it in harmony with your values and what you want?

“One” will not be ablte to move the elephant – but you will.

To a powerful why!