Go Create!

There is something very relaxing and deeply satisfying about devoting yousefl to a task that you enjoy, in which you can really sink into, and the result of which you can see, taste, hear or feel in the end.

It doesn’t always have to be a very demanding task. It can also be something that allows you to switch off or let your thoughts run wild. For example when painting or drawing. It’s for a reasing that coloring books with e.g. Mandalas for adults are top sellers at the moment. If you also like to paint and relax – just dig out the old coloured pencils and print out a mandala to colour in. Or even better, grab an empty sheet of paper and get started. Just like when we were kids and we didn’t care whether one colour matched the other, the proportions were right or you could figure out what the result supposed to look like. Let your heart guide your hand.

But maybe you are more interested in music and you have a neglected instrument somewhere in your apartment that you once played but haven’t held in your hand for a long time? Now is the best time for it!

Or maybe you are more of a hobbyist and craftsperson?  With a tool room that helps you escaping time?

Or how about dedicating yourself today to the preparation of a delicious meal and treat yourself to it afterwards? Either alone (you are worth it!) or together with friends?

Cooking, handicrafts, painting, drawing, making music, photographing – the list can be extended endlessly.

I am sure you will find the right thing to awaken the Creator in you!

Have fun with it,

Your Birgit

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