Digital Detox

Photo: Pixabay

I have to admit: somehow I get tired of social media every now and then. This usually happens at times when I’m sitting in front of screens of all kinds quite a lot due to my job situation. Not really my thing.
Takes a while to “tame my mind” and tune into a task – and then I don’t have sitting power for long.
I prefer to be outdoors, in motion, with people in nature or in event spaces – and implement what I have planned. For about two years now, however, 80% of the implementation has also been taking place in front of the screen.
On the one hand, I am very grateful for this opportunity – after all, I can continue to give training and coaching sessions – without any location limits!
However, I notice how screen fatigue sets in at regular intervals.

Everything happens in front of screens – laptop, mobile phone, tablet, TV… They are a to-do list, advertising platform, connection to friends, computer, camera, alarm clock, news source, book, radio …
One hour without looking at it – 45 messags in all possible channels scream for attention!

If current studies are to be believed, I’m not alone:
According to a Forsa study, Germans reach for their smartphones between 60 and 100 times a day on average and are active on the screen for almost three and a half hours. On top of that, statistically speaking, they spend the same amount of time on a laptop, PC or tablet, plus another four hours watching TV. All in all, that’s a good eleven hours a day! And the trend is rising.

And apart from the continuous sprinkling and thus “distraction from the here and now”, this also has other effects. On one hand, the reports and opinions and news are very nerve-racking and emotionally demanding. On the other hand, we seem to have no time left for balancing activities – going outside, enjoying nature and some fresh air, going for a walk, taking a nap, doing sports ….

For a moment I hesitated – can I afford this? A week of very reduced posting and commenting?
After all, social media is important for the self-employed for marketing and visibility.
But the decision was quickly made: YES!
You should always afford a break and distancing yourself – otherwise we’re just driven !
It’s better to do nothing than to comment unmotivated and scroll through the feeds and threads like a “digital zombie”.

So then – what can I say – it felt good!
I was much more productive and I’m looking forward to my upcoming posts next week.

Maybe you would like to take some digital time out or check your “information management”?
Here are a few tips:

  • Reality check: How long do you sit in front of screens each day? How often do you reach for your mobile phone? There are apps that measure your screen time on your mobile phone – try them out to get a starting point.
  • Source check: From which sources do you get your information? (News etc.) How often a day? How do you feel about it emotionally? What could you change to feel better?
  • Dedicated social media times: When do you check your feeds and threads on social media? Do you always check in between and then stay longer than planned? Consider setting up fixed times in the day for this – e.g. 1x in the morning, 1x in the afternoon, 1x in the evening.
  • Planned offline times: Allow yourself (and your devices ;-)) offline times – e.g. between 10 pm and 8 am. Set yourself offline rules, e.g. don’t put your mobile next to your bed and allow your mind “input-free” time in the morning after waking up before you reach for your device.
  • Complete detox: Maybe you even dare to go completely offline one day a week or for a longer period of time? Let your contacts know beforehand so they don’t worry and then – enjoy the peace and the regained time!

And now: switch off, go out, enjoy nature!

Take care, Birgit