Angels on Earth

Photo: Pixabay

Where angels dwell, there is heaven,
even in the midst of the tumult of the world.

Ḫāǧe Šams ad-Dīn Moḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Šīrāzī

Even if you don’t believe in angels, read on. When the term came to my mind this morning, I wasn’t thinking of heaven sent, winged messengers, but rather of “real people”.
This year has been a rollercoaster ride – and it looks like we’ll be doing a few more rides in the coming year. But you and I – we have made it this far. And I’m sure you, too, weren’t alone on the ride.

Who are the angels in your life?
Who was an angel for you particularly this year ?
Who has done you good?
Who has lifted you up?
Who was there for you – listened to you, gave you space?
Who has inspired you, has helped you to grow wings?

And – do these people know that they were or are angels to you?

In one of my last trainings, at the end, each participant was asked to write down something positive about every other participant. The small feedback slips were then handed over personally, the participants looked each other in the eye and spoke out what they had written down. Sounds simple. But it was incredibly powerful. The energy that was in the room at the end really did lift everyone up. At the beginning, it was noticeable how unfamiliar it is for most of us 1. to formulate valuable and substantial positive feedback that goes beyond a “thank you”, 2. to actually express such feedback and 3. to accept it – without feeling weird, without talking it down. But with each feedback, the insecurity diminished and appreciation filled the room.
There is hardly a better way to express appreciation. To be able to say exactly what you like about the other person requires that you engage with him or her, that you think about that person more thoroughly.
Perhaps we are often aware of many things – but rarely do we say them.
We are quick to take many things for granted, good at formulating what we lack – without seeing what we already have.
Sometimes we wait for the big miracle – and overlook the many small ones around us.
Sometimes we overload people with our expectations – not recognizing how much they already do for us.

Which of your angels could you show your appreciation in the next few days?

To whom could you be an angel?

Let’s move closer together.
This is also possible with physical distance and masks – through actions, words, looks, a loving and benevolent attitude.

Let us be more angels to each other, let us grow wings – because many things are easier when we are lifted up.

Have a good week!


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