Your Wisest Source of Inspiration

Photo: Pixabay

Sometimes I wonder how many “how-to-books”, biographies or blogs of “successful people” the great visionaries and personalities in world history have read themselves?
I wonder if Steve Jobs ever googled “how to be successful”?
Whether Nelson Mandela was inspired by quotes from the Dalai Lama?
I if Astrid Lindgren ever read “10 secrets of successful authors”?
There’s that inner voice that tells me – rather unlikely.

So there’s not much clever to read here today. Rather, I would like to invite you to follow a very good source of inspiration: Your inner wisdom.
Take a drink of your choice, tea or coffee, find a nice place, take your time and then go within and listen to yourself:
If you were to write yourself a blog article today, an impulse for your well-being to get you through the next week, what would be the headline? What would the content be?

If you like, take a piece of paper and jot down your thoughts.
Or let them appear in your mind’s eye.

Either way, I’m sure you’ve rarely received a more appropriate weekly impulse 😉
You are wise!
Get through the week well and be good to yourself!


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