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The last articles where mainly about topics related to the development of our personality. So I think it’s time for some relaxation now.

Below this blog article (browser view) you will find a link to a Spotify playlist with so-called EMDR music.
EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. This technique was originally developed for psychotherapy, but is also excellent servant for deep relaxation.
It is based on the phenomenon that during sleep in the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement), we store experiences, events and the associated emotions in our “file system in the brain” and thus process them. In the case of particularly intense or touchung negative experiences, this sometimes doesn’t work – usually because our subconscious mind is overwhelmed or has no reference as to where this experience can best be sorted. Hence it continues to haunt us, can block us or – when we encounter a similar situation again – make us overreact (trigger).

EMDR makes use of the phenomenon of REM sleep, simulating the stimulation of the two hemispheres of the brain as it happens during the night, through various methods in the waking state. In this way we can achieve deep relaxation and let go of stress.
In the so-called WingWave® Coaching, this stimulation is achieved by inducing rapid eye movements; however, appropriate music can also be used for this purpose. And this is what the playlist is for.

When I listened to this music for the first time, I was somehow irritated. The sound travels in waves from the left ear to the right ear and back again. That’s why it’s important for the effectiveness that you wear headphones.
At first my mind found it so strange that it had trouble letting go. But when I gradually managed to get into it, I literally immersed myself. Now I use the music to meditate on days when my mental chatterbox is particularly talkative ­čśë ‘
Most of the time it works quite well.
Maybe it’s something for you too?

Grab your headphones, find a quiet spot and let your subconscious ride the acoustic wave.

If your mind needs more information about WingWave® and EMDR before it can let go with confidence, I have also listed a few more links below this article.

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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