My heart is dancing

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There are similarities to dancing iand singing: if you ask people, they often say: “I can’t dance!”
But in fact, we are hardwired to move to the music. Studies have shown that rhythm is innate to us. For example, in a study, scientists at the University of Amsterdam played a rhythm to newborns and then missed a beat or two on purpose. An in this moment, the babies’ brain waves clearly showed that they were literally awaiting next beat.
Also, it’s proven, that our heartbeat synchronizes with the beat of the music.

When we speak of “ability”, it usually means that we are trying to do something in a certain way that is generally considered or defined as right or correct.

Dancing, however, is much more than “working off” given sequences of movements and steps. No matter if it’s Bachata or Zorba – first you learn it, then you feel it.
Once you allow the music to move your body, you commit yourself in and learn to let go – and at this point, you can’t go wrong.
Of course, we don’t usually dare to do this in public (except maybe teetering a foot…) – but what’s wrong with turning up your favorite music in the morning and just dancing around the apartment? Just the way you like it?
Nothing – and it’s always worth it!

Dancing is a true miracle cure for physical, mental and emotional well-being!
Here is some evidence to this:

Benefits for your body

  • Dancing is a very effective full body workout (if you move your full body ;-)). Not only does it trains your muscles but also your condition – just one dance training per week is sufficient.
  • Dancing promotes flexibility in the body and makes it more resistant to injuries.
  • Aerobic dance training is just as effective in helping you lose weight as cycling or jogging
  • Dancing improves breathing, heart performance and quality of life
  • Dancing strengthens our body awareness and helps you to recognize tension and physical stress symptoms in everyday life more quickly.

Emotional benefits

  • Dancing has a liberating effect – it is a wonderful way to let your feelings run free in your movements
  • Dancing has been shown to relieve the symptoms of stress and depression by regulating serotonin and dopamine levels
  • Dancing strengthens your self-confidence
  • Dancing develops social skills and the feeling of togetherness, because dancing is a way of getting to know many people and getting in tune with each other
  • Dancing delivers happiness!

Mental benefits

  • Dancing challenges the brain through the coordination of movement sequences. Regardless of age, new neuronal connections are created – which keeps your brain young.
  • Medical studies have even proven that dancing also has an alleviating effect in Parkinson’s disease and can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dancing promotes concentration and focus – and is a wonderful way to “switch off”.
  • Dancing improves mental performance

Plus …

  • Dancing has no age restrictions
  • Dancing is so affordable – the only thing you need is music, you and the groove

So – get up, turn on the music, dance – and enjoy!

This is to the rhythm,

Yours, Birgit

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