Press against stress

Acupressure is a punctual massage originating in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Called Shiatsu, it is also part of the Japanese medicine. Acupressure means applying physical pressure to specific points of your body. Applying this pressure can be used to safely treat painful points on tendons or muscles. According to TCM, there are various zones and points on the body that can relieve symptoms and discomfort, including stress.

If you would like to use acupressure to relieve stress, there are four helpful points and steps you can treat and apply as follows *:

  1. Back of the hand: the soft valley against stress

The point “valley sink” is on the back of the hand. Place the thumb of your right hand on the soft spot between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Press this position for ten seconds, then release for about two seconds. Repeat this sequence for one minute, then switch sides.

2. Knee: „Divine Equanimity“ for inner peace

Sit on a chair and put both hands on your knees. The position your ring finger is holding shows the point “Divine Equanimity”. Treat it with a soft massage for five minutes by gently brushing your fingers down.

3. Chest: the Xiphoid

You will discover this area against stress on your chest by first looking for a point above the belly button. It lies where the bones of the sternum converge. This is the so-called “xiphoid process”. Four fingers above this point is the area you should then massage intensively with your index and middle finger for at least five minutes.

4. Head: after the Acupressure

The acupuncture on your chest works best when treating a point on the head immediately afterwards. You will find this point by thinking of a connecting line between the upper edges of the ears on the skull. From the middle, you go two to three fingers backwards. Massage the small depression you will recognize for five minutes in the direction of the forehead.

The biggest benefit of acupressure: you can apply it everywhere and anytime. So there is always time help yourself relieve the stress.

Have a wonderful week and be gentle to yourself,


Photo: Pixabay